About Kissoon Kenrick
19 years of experience in marketing and selling properties in the most efficient and profitable manner, this results in being able to foresee problem and proactively solve them before they happen (to close on time, negotiating with an occupant, handling tough BPO, etc).

*19 Years REO, SHORT SALE & RE experience
* Marketed and sold over 500 SHORT SALE/REO assets
* Average days on market 49.8, market average 62.7 (2010 stats)
* Average list to sales price ratio 97.97%, market average 95.83% (2010stats)
* Historic 85% CFK success rate on over 300 assets
* Personally completed over 520 BPOs
* Hundreds and Hundreds of property inspections

* These are bold guarantees to make, but I believe this is a standard that everyone should have. Whether it is closing on time, task management, or good communication - What allows me to keep this standard is not taking on more than I can handle.
* Task Guarantee - 4-Hour turnaround time on urgent BPO request
* Task Guarantee - 24-Hour turnaround time on normal BPOs
* Task Guarantee - 24-Hour occupancy checks
* Communication Guarantee -1-Hour